1999 GMC Safari Questions

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1999 GMC safari van both lights are not working and seem loose when i tried to take out
How to repair a non functioning fuel gauge?
Tuned up engine then P0420 code
Cost to repair back door handle
Since this is a common problem has anyone fabricated or made available a handle that is stronger?
Initially when Engine rest in d night it will not start on time the next day. Now water is found in engine oil and no traces of leakages in the radiator. Now engine rolls and not start. Oil & fuel filters changed.
code P0440 evaporitive fule system do I have a blocked line a bad canister or a bad purge selonoid ?

can I fix or do I need a Mechanic?
i replaced the battery 3 times, replaced the alternator 3 times install a new battery cable (positive)replaced the starter, replaced the the alternator plug and check all the fuse in the fuse boxes under the dash and under the hood and still no charge.
Has a 4.3 liter with steel heads and block,I replaced the head gaskets and had the heads machined,it ran fine for an hour and a half then it overheated,a shop said it either had warped heads or a cracked block.I think that possibly the torque wrench i used may be bad ,if i over torqued the head bolts could this have made the head or block crack?I didnt put a whole lot of force when i tightened them down.
While driving down the freeway it died and wouldnt start again, i tried to turn the motor over with a breaker bar and socket but it wouldnt move at all. Trans was just rebuilt i thought there may be something with that.
Dealer replaced catalytic converter on Aug 18, 2011. Picked up vehicle on Aug 19, 2011 and drove it from that date till Sept 11, 2011 when the no start problem occured.
Whar does this code mean?
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