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steering feels very loose
Where would I find this switch and how do I fix the leak?
when I apply pressure on my brake pedal to stop sometimes the pedal is hard to apply and the is hard to stop. Other times there no symptoms..I just replaced my brake hydra booster with a AC Delco reman. I flushed the p.strg fluid out several times, I still have the hard pedal intermittently. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

please respond to

thanks in advance to whom ever is reading this

I added antifreeze
I am not sure when, but someone tried to break into my van, unsuccessfully, and broke the whole lock, and handle. Now I cannot get the back doors to open, and I desperately need to get to the lens on the tailight and change the bulb, but I cant because the handle and all is broke. Any advice??
Replaced bulb and now the left turn signal light is lit on the dashboard and won't turn off. When I use the turn signal it's a fast flash instead of the usual. I bought a flasher at a local parts store, but can't seem to find where I need to install it.
water coming out from behind fan
I'm unable to reverse after going from Drive to Reverse. Has my transmission be compromised?
the fuel safety switch located
Engine cranks no start,Hooked up fuel pressure gauge 50 to 60psi never drop while cranking it triggered fault code for crank sensor.replaced sensor engine started good but still have tyhe same problem Engine dies/runs rough/stumbles intermittenly.fuel pressure stayed at 50 to 60 psi when its fault code,no ck engine light happens only when vehicle stopped or in gear with brakes is applied and i can always duplicate this problem.need help
Hey I found a car on craiglist and they said it ran just fine until they tried to do a self tuneup. they said after that it would ride very rough. I had this happen to me in a jeep before and i later realized that i put the wires back on in the wrong order. after wards it worked fine. do you think this could be the same issue with the van? or do you think it could be some thing else? And if it is the problem is there some online pic of the right way to put the wires back on so i can try to fix it?
My van having of intermitent dying and hard starting problems and not set any codes. What is the best way to check the crank sensor, ohm reading, and what reading should i look for?

I Parked on incline drive way and my engine stalls and dies i replaced the fuel pump for two weeks it was ok but still does the same thing on level road its ck engine light or fault code.
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