1995 GMC Safari Questions

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We put a new compressor on it..( the other one was unplugged but also bad) when we put the new one on and charged it, it ran for 15 minutes then stopped and burned the clutch up in the compressor.apparently there is something else amiss.( probably why the old one was dissconnected).please help..without AC this thing is like a coffin..
Service engine light is not on?
My key is stuck in my ignition and I can turn it of so my car stays on and I can not turn it off. It won't go down and it's stuck period please help!!
Need upper and lower ball joints both sides. Idler arm and upper arm bushing repair.

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Was turning over and starting fine. Next time I went to start it, it acted like the battery was low and would barely crank over. It wouldn't start. Made sure the battery would charge and even got a new battery. Still acts like the batter is low and cranks very slowly. Won't start. Help?
Driver's side door handle replacement. Suggested solution above!
I have replaced ball joints, both idler arms and intermediate shaft! Still has sticking and play in steering!
i put a new timing chan on it fuel in jectors ,coil.a tune up fuel pump
Replaced battery, worked fine then battery light came on. Replaced alternator and worked ok, but battery still died again an hour later. Whats next to check?
how do i let the backseat down in my 1995 gmc safari. i found the mechanism to slide the seat back and forth but can get the back part to lay down?
how do I get to hydro boost on AWD safari to remove hose
when trying to start i get a whirring sound from starter after trying 2 or 3 times motor stsrts
After warm up the engine won't shift into higher gears. I drove 32mi. fine, but coming back stayed in second. Will adding Lucas transmission additive help until I can see if there is a need for rebuilding or new trans.? Fluid level fine. New waterpump, new radiator/thermostat 1-31-11. Also, how do I 'let-out' some fluid first to add Lucas?
The engine started fine. I backed up a ffew feet and the engine died when I turned on the AC. Will not restart. The engine turns over, but will not start. The headligts will not come on, the rear AC fan will not work, the horn will not work and none of the interior lights work. I have pulled all of the fuses out of the fuse box, all are OK. Even though the engine turned over normally, I pulled the battery and charged it. That did not help. The Altenator has not been putting out as much voltage as it sould. Please help.
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