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I've had this knocking sound on the underside of my van for a long time. I took it to Les Schwab Tires & Brake. They couldn't pinpoint the noise, but they thought it was something else causing the noise to the tune of around $800. Paying that amount didn't cure the problem. The same noise is not too soft nor too loud, just in between. My van still drives okay. Once in awhile I hear a clunk noise when shifting from Park to "D".
The knocking sound only seem to be heard from under the back of my van whenever I slow down and come to a complete stop. There is no sound after I stop nor after I resume driving. Sometimes the knock is slow and and rapid. The sound is frequent.
I'm having a difficult time removing the sticky residue from a window decal.
How much is the cost to repair my front door window?
My front door passenger side window has not been working since 1998-99. I had an estimate of having both front door windows fixed at over $700 each. Only the driver's side door is operable.
the new blower motor burned up the day mechanic installed it (smoke filled van) Replacement is doing the same as the first before it burned, air comes though vent on high speed, then drops off and comes out the heater vent by the floor.

The old motor never did this. I'm afraid to use it, and it's useless blowing on the floor anyway (a/c itself went out over 2 years ago) Can something be done.


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when i stop anywhere the engine idles up i can take it out gear and it idles back down put it back in gear and it will idle up again
she my van started sounding a little funny a couple days ago and today when i came out of the store the van wouldn't start and no interior lights will come on. the readio won't turn on. nothing. what could be the cause of this? i just replaced the battery 2weeks ago.
I keep popping brake light fuses.when this happens I am driving on the highway in overdive 50 mph plus and all of a sudden my brake light fuse pops and my odometer drops to zero if I exit and drop down in gears(auto trans)and then try and get my speed back up to drive or overdrive speed I can't get past 2nd gear speed.???????
A line to the rad from the transmission is leaking trans. fluid. Is it difficult to replace this line?
How is it done?
where is the fuel pump shut off swith located or emergency switch location?
the blower motor will be working, then stop. Or I might turn on the engine to find it isn't working. It may not work for days, or just minutes. Doesn't seem to matter if the switch is on or off when I start the engine.

It was replaced about 2 years ago and always sounded awful. I always wondered if they really installed a new one. Couldn't go back to that mechanic to check it out, the shop closed.
where is the fuel pump relay located
what are the signs of a cranksensor going bad
i have checked the fuel pump it works great replaced fuel filter and cap and rotor but i got it running when its hot it wont get spark i took control moule off distb and had it checked and when it cooled down they said it was fine so i put it back and checked my wires on cap it started three times ran and then no fire could it be control module or something else
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