1992 GMC Safari Questions

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This is on my 92 Safari, not a 91 Safari! I have flushed my coolant system as well as flushed the heater core. I disconnected the hose from the "Y" connector on top of the water pump and found that there is no water flowing out of the water pump.
on safari 95
The old one rumbled for awhile. Then started to make a high pitch noise. Eventually stopped working at all. I put a new blower fan in. There's power to the unit but still doesn't work!
3 doors cant figure out how top open to open up two under it?
Won't drive forward nor backwards and brake pedal will hardly push
6 cylinder. fuel system. where is the fuel pump located and the fuses located. email
where is the fuel filter located on this vehicle?
want to know how to set the timing , i am replacing the timing chain and gears
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