1991 GMC S15 Jimmy Questions

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i have a s15 jimmy with a 3' body lift and torsion bars cranked a lil with a shackle lift. the ffront pass tire is leaning out on the top and theres a vibration in the front. also i have a leaf spring cracked around the bushing in the rear and my handling is really sloppy on the highway. any ideas?
it just started September 26 I stoped for a coffee and when I started it up to leave it started I put it in reverse I backed up then into drive within 10 feet it just died on me and now it will not start it is getting fule and it turns over but it just don't start...
purchased a new battery what could cause it to drain? auto-zone said it could be the alternator,but they wernt sure.
Car has been running good,parked it for an hour and when I went to start it tried but just would not fire
i have replaced rotor,cap,wires and sparkplugs.also have new fuel injectors,map sensor throttle position sensor also the hole timing lost please help i dont know wat to do next?i also took a test light to all the power and grounds for the fuel injectors and ignition module and every thing works fine and plenty of coil power??
up and down the idle seems after engine warms up unsure if related but but then stalls also going 50 mph 1250 rpms take foot of gas pedal takes forever to drop to 1000 then never wants to idle down to 750 can't figure out engine was replaced from a monster auto in michigan at 113 k thanks to me breaking the stupid oil filter assembly tune ups fuel filter so much replaced to no luck please sos Lucky
I put a used motor in my truck and had checked the freeze plugs out installed new one's in the rear of the motor but for the life of me cant remember where the others are located or how many I have a leak on the drivers side of the motor but the one freeze plug that is in plain sight is dry as a bone , so how many and where are they ????
I am replacing a headgasket, passenger side, on a 91 gmc jimmy. Do I need to remove the intake manifold? Also, where are all of the cylinder head bolts located on that vehicle?
My digital dash does not work. I replaced it and still nothing. What else could be causing this? The only thing on dash works is chek engine and seat belt.
my transmission had a leak and i finally found it but now it wont shift out of 2nd gear i have to put it into 2nd from drive or the rpms just run up and nothing happens. what might this be?
I have a 1991 GMC S15 Jimmy with a 4.3L V6; I have fuel pumping to the throttle body, but the injectors aren't spraying any fuel. I need to know what tells the injectors to work so I can fix the problem.
My mechanic has just replace the rear axle seal. We want make sure that we are using the correct oil.
what would i have to do to get to and replace the fuel injectors on a 4.3L V6 Vortec engine? its a model 220 throttle body injection. a detailed answer would great.
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