2000 GMC Jimmy Questions

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Hoe to rekease freon from jimmy 2000 gmc
What is the best price on replacing front passenger side fender on a 2000 gmc SLT Jimmy
While I'm driving my tachometer fluctuates and it makes the car jerk back. There is no revving. This only happens when I'm at a steady speed or barely press the gas pedal to speed up. There are no check engine light on.
runs rough on highway
Yesterday my 2000 jimmy wouldn't start security light was flashing. Now I reset that by opening driver door and locking them and shutting it. Now it turns over but won't start. Fuel is going through. Just have no clue what's going on. I know the o2 sensor is bad. Could that be it?
I discovered this when I was checking my oil. is this a sign that my fuel pump is bad
Shouldn't I get it towed
It runs at a high idle at all time never goes below a grand and a half I need to adjust it to where it is at or below a grand
on the fuel tank gauge not reading right.
Service engine soon light constant. Just tuned up, oil change, fuel pump replaced.
85000 miles. SLE 4wd
My speedometer isnt workin either
car stalls all the time , starts back up but stalls out as soon as i take foot off the gas
Replaced battery, starter, checked all fuses, tested altenator. Why wont it start?
2nd combo switch in a year. but there is no lights the wipers work but no signals.
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