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I was hooking up a power relay under the instrument cluster for external lights and I found some disconnected wires and a little black box with no markings and a green light was wondering what the box was I can't find any description or anything about it anyway
ok when my abs comes on the dash I have no power windows or no heating or blower and the back wipers don"t go on ether but when the abs goes off everything comes back on and I can still drive the jimmy 1997 4wdr the fuses are fine
What seems to make the problem better or worse? it does not matter
Ignition switch will not turn all the way off and let me take my key out. when the service engine light goes off my car starts running good and lets me turn my ignition switch off and take my key out. what could be causing this please help
i rebuilt engine 40,000 miles ago replaced all sensors except egr and o2 sensors jimmy was running great! had a little roadrage 1 day on yhe highway and slamed it to the floor it didnot hesatate at all it rolled to 100mph very quick!about 3000 miles ago it started cutting out whn i step on the gas codes-po122 po102po118 p1406 so replaced egr no change i have noticed black carbon ring around tailpipe! plese help!i want my jimmy back
I have a 97 GMC Jimmy it will start and run fine and park or neutral but when I go to put it in gear reverse or drive it wants to die like it's not getting fuel it starts backfiring and cutting out I have replaced distributor cap and rotor new spark plugs new wires new fuel filter the only thing I have not replaced on it is the fuel pump could this just be a vacuum issue or something else these problems started a couple weeks ago any help I can get on this issue would be great thanks for your time and be safe y'all
Tail lights don't come on when headlamps on, I've checked fuses, changed all bulbs, checked relay switch. All lights work headlights, blinkers, hazards, turn signals and reverse but tail lights won't light up when headlights on. been told it's the ground wire not sure where or how to fix my self or what it might cost at a shop.
Starts up fine and when I get up to 40 miles an hour then the jimmy dies out. Then I have to wait for about 10 to 15 min to start the jimmy back up. Then it is slow starting to go down the road with out it stalling out again. The longer I let it sit the better it will run after it has died out. do you know what the problem is with this.
When I step on the gas the air flow out of the ac vents are reduced to almost nothing and it comes out defroster vents top of dash
Everytime I push on the brakes my car revs up a little bit and then it almost killed it what is my problem?
gas flow ? will not start?
need replacment
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