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and it still is misfiring what do i look for next
& makes a strange slipping noise when i hit the brakes hard ---ABSdoesnt seem to engage , i have replaced all pads & master cylnder and booster allready any help or advise whould help
I've replaced cap and sprayed lab on cap+wires+plugs and problem still there. Truck is in shop now and there telling me it's my timing chain and gas is going into the oil. They said to fix problem it will cost $1900...ughh does the sound right?
When it is running, it idles rough. Any suggestions?
can you please explain how to fix it too?
I have a new battery,and alternator is not more than four years old.Runs fine in day light.
especially if i start it in the am, itll misfire anywhere above 1500 rpm sounds kind of like its slurping air and very sloppy, i checked vacuum for leaks and its sealed properly, and i have been forced to drive the vehicle for a while to work (80 mile round trip 5 times a week ) and today i noticed that all of the sudden my vehicle lost a lot of pulling power while i was giving it some gas on the highway, and now no matter what i do it seems that if i give it gas anywhere above 2500 rpm it wont pull any harder, wondering it its got something to do with the trans ? also, can you help me diagnose the root of the problem in the first place ? ( as far as i got was i need spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, (( unfortunately my vehicle has the ""spider"" injection system thats famous for breaking on my engine,... just very confused and scared as to why the sudden loss of power, ( and misfire reduced btw (usually happens when im close to shifting gears now barely any misfire, and half my horsepower....) Help !!!!! i really need to have a proffesional opinion of whether i should sink more money into it or buy something new !! if there is any way of speaking live to a consultant on this matter i would greatly appreciate it!!! "" thanks in advance !!""
It will only blow on low.
i have a trailer brake module on this it seems to be hissing by this module, brake pedal goes down slow, then after hissing stops, brakes work fine.
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