1995 GMC Jimmy Questions

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4 wheel drive doesn't work
My air conditioner doesn't blow cold. I need to add freon! WHERE does it go?
Doesnt matter if the engine is cold or 200 degrees my idle in park is roughly 700rpm and feathering the gas peddle when putting it into gear seems to have no effect. Already replaced the idle air control valve even tried changing the TPS though I think the new one is bad as it idles at 1500rpm and the engine still stalls when putting into drive/reverse. Thus far no check engine light.
Truck seems to be running fine except for when I try to reverse
All 4 electronic door locks quit working one day after I got a jump start though the rear hatch still works and the fuse is good (neither the actual switches nor the remote will lock/unlock any of the doors. almost seems as if their not getting power (though when i remove/re-insert the fuse the doors automatically lock)
my 1995 Kimmy starts at times it will idle bat give gas it stalls
I change the spark plugs, the wires and ignition coil but still having problems I remove one hose from the intake and stop the problem once I plug in back the problems start
I bought a replacement switch and the collar isn't in the same position on the switch. Is there a way to adjust it?
car turned off after driving about ten miles with no water in it we put water after pushing it to the side of the road and it was bumpy the whole way home. now i cant drive it because it keeps stalling on me what is wrong with my car???
I been told I have to remove the entire dash also been told to cut a small hole in the plastic glove box an it is located behind there. and yet when I turn the temperature to cool I hear a clicking sound located below the glove box on the passenger side, I have the actuator, but where the factory one is located I can not find any location in Chilton's manual or any other manual.
i just replaced my fuel pump 10 months ago.
I do not know what controls the vacuum for the actuator to pull the cable. Has a new actuator so that is not the problem. The transfer case engages the front driveshaft so all that is left is that front deferential not getting locked in. I cant find any vacuum leaks either.
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