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makes a loud popping noise what could it be?
am getting fluid at wheels but no brake action. abs unit has been bypassed but still no brake pedal. should not such a bypass produce standard power brake systeme
The smoke comes from where the air conditioner buttons are, and the smell is like burning rubber. the small heater was replaced about a year ago and i didn't have any problems for a year, now i can't touch the air button because as soon as i do that it looks like there's a fire under the dash. Thanks in advance for your help.

I have plowed my drive all winter with it but @ any given time 4 wheel goes out but switch is still on . Disconnect batt. cables and waite a few minutes and then fine for while.Happens more often and afraid to take it over the road to plow.It has push button 4-wheel but when it goes your done, no traction anywhere and seems only one wheel enguaging.
I have checked fuses
replaced fuel pump, pump relay, intake manifold tuning valve relay, fuel filter, cranks over tries to fire sputters and dies. Cranks and cranks. Turn key off and on a few times and tries to fire again. Pump comes on for 2 seconds when i turn key on and kicks off. Shouldnt it continue to run?
spray some carb cleaner into the air intake hose had anothperson crank engine ,engine finally started ran fine when 20 miles and stop car again .came to start car and had same problem,had rubber mallet and ligthly hit fuel filter then phelum on engine car finally started drove day had same problem.change fuel pump and said they ran another wire from tank ground to ground on fuel ran fine for a few days then,woundt,t start again changed sparkplug and wires cap,rotor,still has code 54 (fuel circuit problem)car runs but has a miss that I can fine,can you help
running fine the quit.wounld,nt start took shop two days and counld.nt figure out what the prolem they ran a new ground wire rrom fuel pump to new fuel relay,the car started and ran find,since then the check engine ligth stays on and saids ther a short in the fuel pump circuit,what could the proplem be?p.s. car has new pump and a new relay for fuel pump,they cut the ground wire from fuel punp and ran a new wire to the ground o th enew pump relay,has ew fuel filter.nobody seems to know what the problem is seening as the ligth is on still,the car runs but has a intermintent miss which it never had before,anybody have any suggestion?
the code reads fuel circuit ground problem,the car has hadd the ligth on for awhile,and the car was running fine.I had a shop check out the car ,after changeing the intank fuel pump,because the car would'nt start,after two days the shop said the fuel pump system wasn,t grouded,they fix the problem by running a new ground wire from the fuel tank to the fuel relay switch,they cut the original ground wire that ran inside the wire loom.
the code reads short in fuel system circuit?can seem to find the runs find when you first start in the morning,then after a few minutes it starts having a miss,nobody can figure out the proplem.does someone have any sucgestions?and hou to you turn the check engine ligth off?
rack and pinion repair
any special tips
after i drill out the revet on the window asembly, what kind of hardware do i need to use to reinstall?
i am trying to replacce the power window motors on my Jimmy, and i can figure out hoe to get the motor our of the door.
I was wondering how much it would cost to rebuild the engine on my jimmy, or if a bigger engin would fit in its place,it has the vortec v6 4.3
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