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Turn sigs, er flashers, park lites, back up lites, tail lites all work fine. No brake warning lite on. HELP! My 17yr old uses & please help. Thanks so much!
Sonny Wolf
Only 1 wheel spinning in 4wd & 2wd. Trans shifts into N at 4500 RPM. Can only drive it the 1.8 miles to& from workplace. Help?
1993 GMC Jimmy SLS 4X4
94k original miles

Just put in new plugs, wires, cap and rotor, new fuel filter, coolant temp sensor and switch, and a few more things. Can't figure out why I am having an idle only issue/misfire. Also pop noise from tailpipe.
Termed on stick. Red oil started running out above middle to right side above right wheel. Pouring. What is causing this
works better after it warms up;what do I need to do to make it work better?
Hesitation between shifts is like it's about to stall. Changed tcc solenoid, cap, rotor, distributor, even fuel filter. Says it's starting in 4th gear.
I was also told that they are odd sizes.
Replacement part BWD esc104.
generates error 43 when it fails.
manages the spark advance.
Mine is jumping all over the place and set error code 43 and then turns on the service engine light. replaced cap/rotor/plugs and wires. reset errors. ran ok for one trip yet spark advance ran form 12dg to 37dg.
recent minor wreck in drivers side passenger door.
engine turns over but will not start.
does not seem to be getting gas.
i can put a small amount of starter fluid in the intake and it tries to start.
is thre a switch that needs to be reset
my windows sometimes dont work.. could this be a fuse thing.. and if so would the fuse say power acc
replaced ball joints & front end alinement
replaced shocks
all 4 tires have less than 10000 miles and equal tire pressure
i have white smoke coming from my tail pipe even when it is warm i checked my antifreeze it was a little low so i filled it up dont see it leaking anywhere does anybody know what my problem might be?
Where to find the computor in the Jimmy?
My wheel started locking up and it was hard to make right and left turns. Is that because of low power steering fluid? If so, where do I put in new power steering fluid?
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