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I have no spark. It was running fine, shut it down for about an hour and suddenly no spark to plugs. Check the coil no spark there. Changed the coil and still nothing. Turns over just fine? Where do I go from here?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Also has new plugs and wires
Output from map sensor is 4.8 at sensor and at computer connector scanner showes 2.4 volts from sensor
My 1992 GMC JIMMY Vin letter Z will start fine and run beautifully fist thing in the morning but after driving it a little bit and outside temperature raises the vehicle starts to chug and then shuts off like it's out of gas. I noticed that during it doing this there is no fuel coming from injectors and if I let it sit a few hours it then will spray fuel out the injectors and start for a small period of time. I replaced the fuel filter, the fuel pump and fuel pump relay with no luck. I dont know what else it could be please help.
I was driving home and my 1992 GMC Jimmy died on me. I tried to crank the engine, but it didn't turn over, I figured fuel pump, I replaced fuel pump, rotor and distributer cap. But for some reason it still will not start. I'm an electrician by trade, so I'm not very car savvy!
Still won't start
my vehicle is on a remote water access only island ( no ferris, stores etc.) heater core leaking and want to bipass by joining two hose with a copper pipe. do you know the diameter of the hoses to get the correct piece of pipe. if i get it wrong it always another week or so to get back with supplies!
i have changed the slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder does it take a lot of time to bleed system or is there an easier way
would high coolant temp and low oil pressure be indicative of an oil cooler failure or head gasket? 4.3 litre eng runs strong, only blows oil at startup and doesn't pysically overheat, even though coolaqnt temp sensor is maxing out. Is same vehicle that has 286,000 miles on it. trying to "nurse" it til we caqn afford an eng rebuild. thx...
I have a '92 Jimmy 4WD with high miles on it. Seems to be losing oil and coolant. I just replaced the water pump, coolant temp sensor and thermostat. When I drained the coolant, I noticed heavy traces of oil floating on top. Is there a tell-tale if it's either the cooler or head gasket without having to pull heads?
We have tried to get our Jimmy to pass CA smog 4 times now and each time it's failed. We have done the cleaning of the fuel system and have even had a tune-up. Apparently every time it fails it's due to the hydrocarbons being too high. We've been told by the smog check place that it must be the catalytic converter but we wanted to know if there is possibly anything else that could cause that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
my vehicle starts right up it dont over heat and has no loss of power but throwing out white smoke when driving or just idleing it blows out horrifcly could it be the head gasket or block
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