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rear air stabilizer failing to stay inflated if vehicle sits idle for a day or more. once vehicle is started the air compressor inflates to proper level. what kind of estimated cost of repair should I expect and how urgent is it to get this fixed.
After replacing computer and trying all re learning sequnces the security lite does not go off.
The engine light is always on. We were told that our gas cap needed to be replaced. We did that, and the light went off for a while, but came back on. Mechanics have hooked it up to the conputer, and still cannot figure out the problem.
The backseat speakers have a sound coming out if them that sounds like an airplane picking up speed to fly. It only happens sometimes. If I smack it, it stops making the noise and the music comes out clear.
The 2 AC vents on the driver side blow heat out, even when the AC is on. So I shut the vents to those 2, and use the passenger side vents to keep myself cool. In the winter, all of the vents work correctly to blow out heat.
where is the temperature/coolant sensor located on the 2008 GMC Envoy
At times they'll come on for a quick moment and then shut off and I have to use my high beams.
My envoy hasnt had 4 wheel drive for about 7 months i replaced the 4 wheel drive axle housing disconnect and axles everything works fine but today we had some snow i put it in auto and on take off it started to wobble till about 25mph then quit could this be a frozen u joint because it hasnt been used it doesnt do it in 2 wheel drive.Thanks
Regulator for right front window
they are both power seats, but the passenger seat goes up higher than the driver seat. I could use higher driver seat.

Vent Valve Solenoid replaced, still getting 0449 mechanic says it has to run a while to get it working as it should. That doesn't sound right to me! Once the new part is installed shouldn't the 0449 error go away?
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