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Car shakes when stopped, in gear and is worse when the AC is on. Have replaced multiple parts, had throttle cleaned, done tune up, etc

I have a 2005 Envoy Denali with 5.3. After filling with fuel the other night it would not restart. After sitting for about 2 hours it restarted and died again 15 minutes later. It keeps doing this. Once it warms up it will shut back off then you have to wait a couple hours and it will restart for a minute then die out again. We have replaced the spark plugs, air filter, canister vent, evap purge valve, and ignition switch. The battery, alternator, and starter were all tested good. Is it possible the fuel pump is over heating?

I had previously had been emailing some one there and did let me know I had to do the reflashing of the suv and fix my throttle body but are you open saturdays

My gas gauge is always on empty . Even when my tank is filled . I fill my tank use a trip meter because the gauge doesn't work .

so I replaced battery in 2 keyless controllers and tried resetting like directions on you tube did not work cannot unlock doors with remote also my rear door does not lock and the wiper does not work either I unlocked rear latch by hand after i did that wiper stopped working at all and the rear back door will not lock even when I lock the doors with the lock switch on driver side door it only locks 2 front doors and 2 rear doors not the rear door

I switch on the car after that turn on the AC , but the air not come out and the compressor switch on.

Got in the car this afternoon and started the engine. After idling for about a minute it shut off. I restarted the engine only to find it idling very hard (it wasn't before). I started to leave the lot and the vehicle seemed to be jerky when trying to accelerate. Shortly after the engine light began to blink. I got the car home (about 2.5 miles) and turned then engine off. At this point I became aware that the blower fan was running on high without the key in the ignition.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Usually when oil pressure is low a white cloud of smoke comes out of the tailpipe when you first start it

I have removed everything else but I've seen nothing online that tells me the best way to do this and I don't want to break it or the housing around it.

Also the interior lights have a mind of there own. Sometimes they work sometimes not. sometimes I lock the car and walk away and the radio will still be playing. that will go out after a few min. once the head lights went out at night. I restart the car and it was ok. My wife and I are poor and need this car for my wifes Doctor appointments. Any advice would be helpful. thank you.

I have an orange 4 wheel drive inop light on the dash... If I turn on the fan/air/ heat blower switch in any position except off, I get the antiskid and brake lights on??

After the parts are tested and ran a full diagnostics on, the mechanic clears the codes and after driving 95 miles the check engine comes back on and I go back to get the codes and it throws the same codes. I'm not able to pass the emissions test to drive my car. What can I do to resolve this issue.