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Fluids on garage floor by drivers front tire.
2004 gmc envoy sle 4.2 4wd,178,000 Miles with p0410 code for check engine. Three of the most expensive items have been replaced & there is n 30Amp Maxi fuse on the side of the battery. I took it to a mechanic & he hears a sucking sound but noticed that the 3 main mechanical devices were already replaced. NO CHARGE??? Is there a fuse or a block fuse behind the seat & if so how do I find out if they are any good?
I know how to check the regular fuses.
2000 Cadillac DeVille DTS when I put it in reverse or neutral the car thinks it's in drive when I shut the car off in neutral it acts as if it's in neutral and rolls backwards and forwards when I push what could be the problem and what is the cheapest way to fix it?
Not hearing anything. Added stop leak and oil and then went to drive and white smoke coming out of rail pipe.
The temperature gauge for outside climate goes up and down causing the air condition to go from cool to heat and vice versa..... Plus my head lights go out...... these are two separate problems
High beams and fog lamps are okay
Could a remote car starter have anything to do with it?
The motor seems to have normal power however when I accelerate, even lightly, it makes a gurgling/knocking noise. It does not sound like a fluid gurgling, it sounds like it's coming from the pistons and engine block. When at speed or idle the motor doesn't make these noises, only under acceleration. I've heard other older cars with high mileage make similar noises under acceleration as well. Any thoughts?
My climate control does not light up
Have a misfire on No.2 cylinder
My husband pulled up to assist me when he went to put it in park he couldn't it was in neutral and would not budge. I have no idea how it got onto neutral. This is the first time this has happened.
Already checked the fuse and it's good can't find the manual bottom to try that
There isn't any sound coming from on star either.I recently hooking up speaker box and to factory stereo it played fine for few minutes then just went Solent now a lot of other things in truck acting up issue this all related
The entire back of my vehicle had stopped functioning. I replaced the regulator on the window a couple yrs ago, and it looks like it's out again, but this time the back door/gate won't open either... Every where I've read shows they know there's a problem, so I was wondering if they issued a recall on them or not?
All my fuses good
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