2003 GMC Envoy Questions

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The fuse for the power seats overheats and at times the seats won't work. I have fuse out so it will stay in one location. Is this a possible short? If so where should I look for it.

Please help

I can't get to the fuse box because the rear driver swat is locked in place

When it's started the light battery light goes off and when I turn my truck off the battery light stays on

If the engine is not turning because I slid on some ice 2wks ago. My vehicle tip on the driver side, I put it back in park n shut if off. Now it won't start, the fan won't turn. It still has power too. The oil level is ok. What can I do to turn the engine so it'll start? It was on one side 30min at the most then we tipped it over.

Radio comes on and rear window wiper will start.

The passenger side hinge is stuck and the tailgate window won't open. Thanks in advance.

How do I get to the hinge???

Problem randomly happened at 50 mph and my trans just stopped working. Rpm rev high then truck slowed down. Won't even go into reverse. Tried diagnostic it looks like it could be a solenoid but not sure.

I can remove it but where do I take it for repairs

makes the wierd noise. doesnt happen when im turning right, but when im turning left or going straight you can hear the noise and when accelerating, it feels like the wheels are about to come off

My GMC Envoy has been working fine and I drove it earlier today to run some errands and parked it at home. 4hrs later my wife gets in to use it, starts it up fine, tries to go in reverse and the car doesn't move. The engine revs up but wont move forward or reverse. Its almost as if it its in park. One thing I did notice is that when I shifted the gear its was a lot smoother when transitioning from Park to the other shifts than any other time. On the dashboard the vehicle still says Park when I shift the gears and also when I shift it isn't allowing me to push my vehicle, its almost as if it is stuck in park even after shifting. My car has 153000 miles. My car has a manual transmission and the transmission oil is good

My 2003 gmc envoy has 220,000 miles on it and hasn't had any major problems runs great and still has original breaks but the Number 5 on the AC doesn't work.

is there a fuse

doors will lock and unlock going down highway. what is going on?