2003 GMC Envoy Questions

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i replaced the entire fuse box and its not turning over. mechanic saids the computer needs to be reset.
There is a knocking or tapping noise that goes faster with accelerating and the transmission is slipping sometimes won't go into any gear unless I shut it off and restart the truck.
the driver preset "settings" change all the time. Mirrors, seat, radio. I'm not sure if it's the window controller in the left door panel or not. I heard GMC had an issue with water getting in and causing some issues. I lost one key fob and went to the GMC dealer and they gave me a new set and programmed them for me, not sure if this is when the problems started or not. next thing, the original radio came with am/fm, cd player and cassette. I got a new one with a 6 cd disc option, but the security lock must have been set and the GMC dealer said he couldn't install it. I got the radio from Ebay. I would think the unit should be able to be "unlocked". Hope you can give me some fixes. thanks. Dennis Q
My 2003 envoy is having the service engine soon light come on and off we already did the oil change replaced the oil and air filter and also changed the spark plugs I don't know what's wrong with it. It could it be the spark plug cable?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? its worse when I'm on the freeway
How long have you had this problem? It's been happening for about a week
car has to be sitting in the heat for a while for passenger door controls to work. and radio volume is very low on fm band.volume when on AM works fine.
The fuse for the power seats overheats and at times the seats won't work. I have fuse out so it will stay in one location. Is this a possible short? If so where should I look for it.
Please help
I can't get to the fuse box because the rear driver swat is locked in place
When it's started the light battery light goes off and when I turn my truck off the battery light stays on
If the engine is not turning because I slid on some ice 2wks ago. My vehicle tip on the driver side, I put it back in park n shut if off. Now it won't start, the fan won't turn. It still has power too. The oil level is ok. What can I do to turn the engine so it'll start? It was on one side 30min at the most then we tipped it over.
Radio comes on and rear window wiper will start.
The passenger side hinge is stuck and the tailgate window won't open. Thanks in advance.
How do I get to the hinge???
Problem randomly happened at 50 mph and my trans just stopped working. Rpm rev high then truck slowed down. Won't even go into reverse. Tried diagnostic it looks like it could be a solenoid but not sure.
I can remove it but where do I take it for repairs
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