2002 GMC Envoy Questions

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need to know what model numder actuator fixs 2002 envoy
Installed new motor and control switch, motor makes sound but arms do not move.
it makes a sound as soon as you start it, then it stops.could it be the waterpump?
very poor and sluggish performance, sounds like it is chugging or misfiring on one or more cylinders. have just replaced plugs and fuel filter
what do I do to fix the problem, and what is the problem?
So when I pull away from a dead stop the oil pressure starts to go up once I hit the speed I'm going and reduce the gas pedal the oil pressure starts to stabilize also anytime I take the speed up above 45 mph check engine light starts flashing. The check engine light came on this morning and it also has a rough idle almost like it's going to stall out but it has installed out at all just an extremely rough start when the car pulls away from any stop, anyone out there tell me what's wrong
Any tips on where to start to figure this problem out
the wind broke the visor and all that was left was the brakelight
This has only happened twice. It seems to only happen when I hit speed bumps. After I go over one, I'm not able to steer not accelerate. No engine lights come on or anything. I try to put it in park then back in drive but nothing happens. I have to turn the ignition off to drive normal again.
Seems to get worse at turning... really bad as you turn it up
Oil lossing
info on hydraulic shock absorbers, best and most economical repair costs
I had a broke 4wd switch and replaced and now i still can not get the auto 4wd or 4 hi or 4 lo to ingage, any ideas or thoughts would be very appreciated
Car runs good till about 60 to 70 mph Speed odometer jumps from 10 to 15 mph and engine kind of stutters but RPM remain steady This is when brake system check and emerg. brake light flash on & off
plug and seen oil on #6 pulled #3 no oil #1 had oil. Cant tell if its the tubes or gaskets, can anyone help?
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