2000 GMC Envoy Questions

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Being having trouble with it not starting sometimes. Checked everything then key was in ignition and the whole car locked down. Couldn't get key at of ignition so took off ignition and unlocked it. Still in lockdown and won't start.
I was told tranny was only used on that model year
The buttons don't seem to function
is there a diogram of where it runs to and from,my check engine light just came on 2 weeks ago and the code is po410
It is not working unless a jolt takes place due to a good bump or slam of the passenger door.Where is the resistor and or relay for my car?
Is there anyway to change the Xenon HID Lights without paying over $600 each for the Ignitor and Ballast?
I have a 2000 GMC Envoy, when i try to start it the engine tries to start but it won't catch. i checked the battery but the battery is good. what could be the problem?
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