2007 GMC Canyon Questions

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As I press brake, I do feel ABS system reacting through the pedal
It usually happens after its been driven awhile then shut it off. It won't start.
engine light on,nothing else works.
what to change coolant how much dose it hold
checked solenoid under dash that engages a hole in shaft for shifting position; it works... no light of position of gear on dash board screen. I'm thinking it won't start because it is not thinking it is in the park or neutral position. I just don't know what to change to fix this. ???The module on transmission??
T-case encoder motor has been replaced because it wouldn't shift,it shifts to four Hi and four low and back to 2 wd with no problem but light flashes and the front actuator doesn't engage. Was able to control actuator with scan tool but won't engage on its own. Checked light blue control wire at actuator with dvom had a fluctuation in voltage from 8 to 10 codes are being set.
There are many people having this problem. Is G M standing good for any of this?
Check engine light still on after changing the sensor. Won't idle right.
Once the truck is started and starts to warm up it will gradually start to idle better. No engine lights come on and once its started and warmed up it runs fine. All ready changed plugs. Wondering if its a bad IAT sensor or something to do with the emissions. Couple times it wouldn't start back up after driving for short while. Any ideas as to what could be the problem?
I checked some fuses,looked at wires under truck around transfer case. 2wd is good 4wd High and 4wd low is good its just that the indicator flashes on what ever one i'm using keeps flashes on 2wd or 4wd or 4wd low I have it on 2wd for now won't stop flashing.
I think it is the light that tells you it is time to change the oil but I just had the oil changed and the man that changed the oil said it would beep but he couldn't get it to stay off.
The button of the 2 hi flashes sometimes
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