2005 GMC Canyon Questions

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What seems to make the problem better or worse? anytime
How long have you had this problem? off and on past 3 years
Low idol stall, stall out if not on gas
Stalls, low idol
Not running hot has good compression
changed crank and cam sensors checked coil packs new plugs checked injector plugs for power and tested injectors with tester all fire disconnected cat converter pipe incase plugged up engine cranks back fires every once in awhile then cranks on no start out of ideas help
I unhooked the battery to clean it and when I hooked it back up the 4x4 will not work the push buttons will not light up
Took it to the dealership. to repair the right brake hub and ABS sensor was 710.00. Everyone says that was too much. They charged me 3 hours of labor.Brakes started making noise and ABS fault/traction light would go off and on. Also has 270,000 miles. I don't doubt it needed it just wondering about the repair cost.
My four wheel drive stopped working. I noticed that the harness going to the transfer case was rubbing on frame and corroded. I then replaced the harness and the 4x4 started working again. My issue now is I made the mistake of turning on the vehicle while the harness was unplugged and the Service ABS and Service 4WD warnings have shown up on dash and 4x4 doesn't work again. From what I have read, this may have "locked up" my TCCM. Is there something that I can do to reset this or is this a dealer fix only? Thanks.
I recently bought a trailer and when i hooked it up the running lights came on the signals work but when i push the brake only my truck brakes flash not the trailers. Do i have a bad trailer light converter box?
battery cable end is hot . truck won't start unless you jump start it.
For a awhile now my truck driver door has had this problem when you exit the truck things don't power off inside the truck if it's raining and I forget to turn off the wipers they will
Still work same with radio. Opening the passenger door was the only way to power it down now that doesn't work. Thanks for help!
after several hours it will start right up,it may be days or weeks between incidences.
What causes the increased speed and would it cause a lite out or vice-versa
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