2004 GMC Canyon Questions

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Doesn't surge until engine is warm. Idles good. Plenty of power. Not detectable on tachometer during heavy acceleration. Very noticable when reducing throttle upon reaching steady speed.
turn signals on front will not work checked fuse under hood was good is ther a incab fuse box.
At 80,000 miles the engine is beginning to idle a little rough what should I have checked out
If I wait 10 minutes, it will start. what gives?
I've tried for two hours to force replacement bulb into headlight cable receptacle with no success. The bulb simply will not snap into place. I am referring specifically to the cable receptacle, not the back of the headlight assembly. The bulb is the correct one. Also, which side of the headlight assembly calls for the 65 watt bulb and which for the 55 watt bulb?
There is a white clip looking thing that appears to be attached to window (at the bottom left rear) and a silver looking track that the window sits in...question. Do I if the white clip is broken have to buy a whole new window? Or is there somewhere I can order that part from? Repair place wants me to pay over $530 to replace regulator/ w motor $242 and also found $200 window with clip intact used +labor. I feel like because I am a woman I am getting ripped off!!!!
the anti-theft light has been playing games for 2 weeks now. now the light is always on and the truck will not start. tried some of the suggestions that have been posted. i cant even get it to a dealer if i wanted to. it also has a viper system in it for remote starting(came with it,bought truck used). needless to say that doesnt work either. now what? options?
my brake lights quit working and i think it might be a fuse
Changed fuse box and head control and resister
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