2010 GMC Acadia Questions

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Light comes on shortly after driving a few miles !
If one is charge above your calculated estimate, what is the procedure.
SUV runs for a few min at idle then dies if you put it into gear it dies
The passenger side is throwing cold air, but not the drivers side (in Front) just started doing this, does the climate control have a fuse for each side??
Got brand new tires because it was handling poor in heavy rain. Come winter and it's basically undriveable. The rear end slides side to side with any amount of snow. No lights or warning messages on. Had an alignment and even brought it back for another.
My car failed nys emissions inspection(MIL command and KOER). they said i need to replace injectors. New replacements are expensive. Can they be serviced? i have almost 127,000 miles. My engine light trouble code was p2099
My battery is not located under the hood. How do I get to it?
My car is making clunking sounds when I'm driving. Sounds are in the front end. I've been told it could be sway bars.
Sometimes when I'm driving the RPM's will jump and it will cause my car to jerk.
have tried adding fuel injector when getting gas, not big improve, past couple months buying the highest octane fuel too
I have cobalt not on your list
Fan and other systems work
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