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Shudder seems to correspond to acceleration but also seems to occur right before car shifts into 2nd and 3rd gear. Doesn't seem to shudder at higher speeds (>50 mph) when accelerating.
Rough idle and constant vibration after replacing coil and plugs
2007 GMC Acadia heat and a/c worked great then out of the blue without any error or check lights my HVAC system stops. Its a duel environment front and back . so the back panel works the fan or blower in the back turns but no heat or a/c is generated.
Now the problem in the front the front panel and indicator lights seem ok but nothing turns on no heat no A/C no Blower. Replaced the blower under the glove and the resister under the glove with new ones . NO such luck checked the fuses on top all ok then I see there are fuses under the glove as well. they seem ok but that panel looked a little corroded.... but it has been functioning. huimmmmm what next .
I was told that it has something to do with the interior computer sensor with in the transmission
I read somewhere that it could be the cap.
Why do transmissions sputter and vibrate between gears? How to tell if your gears are slipping? Do I need to replace my transmission?
My 2007 GMC ACADIA just recently started shaking n my service message says traction off, reduce engine power, stabilitrack, and I think it has something to do with my power steering. Is it still safe to drive?
Is there a recall?
At this point the vehicle will not go into gear. Will also do this while vehicle is in motion. Vehicle has already been to the dealer for the "Transmission PROGRAM" that GM is offering. They found no problems.
I was wondering how much will it costs me to get this fix because onstar gave me a code po333 and that's what they say it was
everything is good drives fine. just set this code
On a hot day on the highway the AC will freeze you out of the car if you want but when you reach the city it blows warm air
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