1999 GMC 3500 Pickup Questions

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TRuck cuts off when cold..when I crank it at first .it occurs everyday..anytime of the day.. once it's on for 10 mins it stays on ..just trying figure out the problem.. Dat could cause these issue..
There is good fuel pressure. is there a fuse that can cause it not to start?
I try jumping and using ether but still won't start.
Been an ongoing problem, and was getting worse over the last few months. I started by having to jump it, then jumping plus ether.
Used to be the problem was in the mornings, but now almost all the time.
The battery was replaced earlier this year. The fuel pump was replaced last year, the fuel filter was replaced last year.
I borrowed a friends code checker but there are no codes.
The comp is not throwing any codes, and I've replaced the plugs, wires, distributor, the electronic ignition switch, o2 sensor, crank sensor, cam sensor, fuel filter, air filter, and checked the fuel pump. I'm out of ideas, and can find nothing online and the shop couldn't figure it out. It happens every time it's in gear and I'm on the throttle. If I let off or stay at idle or in neutral it doesn't act up. But but into the wind or under a load it gets worse. Any ideas anyone?
There is no visible water on the ground and there is black smoke and then white smoke blowing out the back.
blown 454 engine being removed. putting in a 350 tbi . what equipment should be transferred to make this work? engine & computer ? just have to figure out how to wire computer for the 350 tbi into the truck right?
I can not find the orifice tube on my 1999 gmc k 3500 anybody know thanks
engin warm driving on road, stop at light engine rough, take off gain speed engine smooths out. put injector cleaner in gas, no help after 25 miles.
I need to know where TFImodule is to replace
truck stalls and re-starts 10 minutes this the filter or pump and how do i figure out which?
i check the fuses and bulbs are ok have 4 ways and turn signals email
ill be driving down the road and it will die and there will read gas in the tank. but the fuel pumps are not coming on
1999 Single wheel 3500, 7.4 L , 4 wheel drive, Drum rear, disk front. Front brakes need attention every 5,000 miles or so. I don't think I'm getting any braking from the rear wheels so the front disks do all the stopping.

Finally started doing pads & calipers myself. Tried rotors but I could not get them off. Thereis a large nut in the center on a threaded rod with a place to accept an allen wrench.

How can I remove the old rotor so I can replace them?
changed ..porportion valve & mastercylender checked rear hose(ruber)butafter pulling it off dosent look bad should i chang hose or am overlooking somthing? when i slam on the brakes back wheels stay tight untill i tap pedal again
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