2000 GMC 2500 Pickup Questions

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will not accelerate when you push pedal down all the way
speedometer work but doesn't show full speed and must feather gas to make shift. Tranny shop says loose connection, checked all connection still no work
first and reverse are hesitating and then jumping into gear. The servo might be at fault???? If so, can this servo be serviced without pulling the trans on this 4WD? It looks accessible in the manual but I question how it holds onto the 1st to rev band. does it just sit in the bands socket?(if it has a socket to receive servo rod)

How do you replace the cabin filter?
The heater hoses have never been replaced, how much will it cost to replace them both?
truck only has 25000 miles. strong odor of something burning before blower stopped runningin all speeds except high. resistors???? where are they??
i have 2000 gmc 1500 pickup and the engine light stays on and read interval control module memory. what does that mean?
Everything works on the AC settings except compressor will not come on. I have tried bypassing the valve on the dryer by using a paper clip to see if it is low on freon, doesn't work. Have one hot wire at the compessor but nothing works.
I need to remove the r/r axle to replace the axle seal and bearing. 4x4 plow truck / positrak. The ring gear is about 8+1/2" diameter.
2006 2500 duramax brake lights stay on until the batteries are disconnected, then they are OK for a while. Has happened twice, each time they have been functioning just fine after battery disconnect and reconnect
i need valve lashy adjustment order for a 2002 gmc duramax 6.6 i need wat valves can be adjusted on tdc compretion stroke and witch ones can be ajusted on tdc exaust stroke
My dashboard has a crack on the passenger side. Is this common? Anybody fixed it with good result? How?
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