1990 GMC 2500 Pickup Questions

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Idle speed relay mounted on drivers side valve cover ...has four wire connects new on order at auto parts store has five wires not sure how to wire it in. To the old original four wire pattern
problem with brake pedal going all the way to the floor with or without power power steering pump when motor is on is on chat wines brake pedal chatters brake fluid and power steering fluid are full not under full or overfull hey what could do this? Thank you so much driving me crazy
I have a 1990 GMC Sierra and I want to know if the bolt pattern will match onto a 1980 GMC . motors are both 350's
flushed the system, replace orifice tub, added 3 oz Pag 100 oil to new compressor, put the rest of the 8oz in accumulator, vacumed for 45 minutes. Added 1 can of r134a, compressor began cycling with short clutch runs. Low side pressure increased to 100, high side never got above 50. Removed coolant, 1 oz oil sample is black. What did I do wrong?
Have changed filter, fluid, modulater valve, and it still doesnt shift into drive. Also have tried to shift it manually and still doesnt shift . 1st and 2nd shifts OK .
how do you put a new head gasket in my truck
was told the truck was running too rich
changed belt need to know how to tighten
i had to lie its 1979 gmc 2500 sierra special not everbody drives a new parking brake dash lite will not go off after release i have checked all grounds and the semi-circular device that turns it on when you depress the foot arm not peddle.??? any ideas (350 small block)
change my intake manifold and now my truck does start, it just struggling to start. is it my timing?how do you fix that?
This morning I walked outside towards my truck and I saw that there was a belt laying on the ground broken underneath the truck by my tires. This is the first time it has ever happened. Is this a major $ problem to fix? What could possibly be wrong? It was running great as of late.
need to change the center support bearing on a three part drive shaft and the u joints
My pickup is actually an 88 but is stuck in park. Let idle for ten minutes, came back and was stuck in park. Shifter trys to rotate, but the arm on the transmission is solid. Does this old of pickup have a shift interlock and if it does, is it in the transmission or on the linckage before the transmission.
how many miles can this vehicle get
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