1998 GMC 1500 Pickup Questions

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Is there anyway to bypass and get rid of the passlock security system as this is a problem in the vehicle I have done the relearn procedure about 13 times it will not accept the relearn what can I do to fix this problem without taking it to the dealer who obviously engineered the truck incorrectly with their faulty wiring in the ignition
I have replaced cap,rotor button, plugs,wires,coil,ignition module, computer and nothing fixes it.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Hot dry days
How long have you had this problem? Long time
Would replacing the module be a straight forward fix?
I checkd fuses but radio want power on light on. Radio is out & no sound but the eject button if pushed makes sum kind of racket liket its getn power
Also left window not working & gauges action funy
I have changed the bulbs taillight bulb board and nothing. When I turn on the left blinker it blinks double and the reverse light on the right side blinks. Is my problem in the swicth or where?
Did tune up. Checked fuel. Everything is good just won't start
I have a 1998 gmc sierra and both the inside and outside handles are broke and cannot get the door open and I have part of the inside panel off i pull the bar that goes to the latch but fell like it is broke or dissconnected
Ok I'm asking this yet again I am stuck in 4*4 low truck will not shift outta it I've changed the transfer case and all componets on the trasfer case , the transfer case control module, the inside truck switch which it is an electric shift 4*4 not vacumme I removed motor and can shift transfer case manually but why won't it shift with the buttons I've checked the actuator on the front drive shaft its fine checked all electrical its fine when the truck is off completely with key out of ignition you can still hear the transfer case trying to shift when trucks running and in n the transfer case sound is louder someone plz help.
After my truck died in some real bad rain I replaced the distributor cap, wires, and plugs. Then there was no fuel pressure! So I replaced the fuel regulator (on spider injector), fuel filter, and fuel pump. She had great fuel pressure, spark and compression! So now I'm at the anti-theft passlock feature. I read some blogs / watched some YouTube and went for the resistor bypass option. My electric testers couldn't get a reading from the the yellow and orange/black wire so I used (5) 47 ohm resistors. When I turned on the engine the security flashed. So I completed all 3 steps and she started, momentarily, and died. The next morning the engine wouldn't stay running. (Ready?) I disconnected the resistor and wrap the yellow wire around the orange-black wire! The security light hasn't turned off since! I've tried leaving it on for 10 minutes up to 60+ minutes with and without resistors but the security light is still on! The only relative fuse is in the drivers side panel and looks good! I really need some input! What next?
sometimes when giving gas it decelerates Boggs down rpms don't move & engine don't rev up!! we changed fuel filter cleaned fuel
tank & changed fuel showed fuel tank pressure code on scanner. now it shows P0420 catalyst something father says I have a exhaust leak may that cause these problems
Vacuum is good with crankcase out of the circuit, when running won't accept full throttle unless you ease into it, played w with timing, cap and rotor not 2 bad haven't checked codes. Vortec V8 350
have replaced the cap rotor and plugs and seemed to get worse. also no power for passing on highway or climbing steep grades.
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