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I've replaced the TPS plugs wires fuel filter fuel pressure regulator and cleaned the throttle body. It's still running horrible. Does not want to idle in the morning, it will run for about 10 seconds then die. When I finally take off it will fall on its face and back fire, even if I hold it to the floor it'll do nothing, then all at once it'll accelerate like mad then start back firing and stalling. Could it be the EGR or O2 sensor or both
when Gona drive off frm the stop wants to shut off,runs good on a kind run.just when coming to a stop.
80% of time
Occurs daily once truck is warm. Doesn't happen when it's cold or short distances. Stops squealing at about 1500 RPM.
Sometime it shakes when we just leave the house and then after awhile later like 10 to 15 miles later then the vibrations start so I greased the steering alignment an it stills does it an the gear box looks separated kinda I thinks too
I've got a 95 GMC with 5.7 TBI with a bad motor, I'm looking at a 90 missing the starter as a donor, and want to know if the stater I have will work or if I'll need to get one...
truck is running fine after about an hour or so then the check gauges light comes on and then truck starts running not so well
I did a jumper and it came up 44 which was the O2 Sensor, replaced that,EGR Valve, PCV Valve, checked all the spark plugs and wires they are good, but i was told about the tan with black stripe wire under the dash by the glove box and its connected, however i left the glove box off and while sitting still theres no change, but while Im driving, if i take a stick and jiggle the countless number of wires it will kick in and drive like its supposed to! I cant ever hold it still long enough to figure out which one it may be!
Sounds like i got air brakes sometimes hard to push down to stop
I manually locked doors bc remote wouldnt- any suggestions how to get in, where to put slim jim or wire? trying to avoid paying a locksmith. Please help, thank you.
I need to replace the water pump I think I have an idea how but want to be sure before I start.
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