1994 GMC 1500 Pickup Questions

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I have to try & fix money but need truck
4.3 V6 automatic trans
highway mileage is bad. engine runs strong and does not use oil.
Was blowing the fuse when using the left side turn signal. Replaced all the bulbs. Now blows the fuse when using the right side turn signal but not the left??
Truck stopped running so replaced the relay fuel pump fuel filter and got it to start for a few minutes before it died. it wouldnt hold an idle and wouldnt start for a whole day now it will only stay running when floored. Then it floods with gas and spits out lots of fuel out of the exhaust pipe. Not sure what to do. Had a friend look at the fuel injectors and break one of the rings. not too sure if they got replaced or not. We also replaced the spark plugs rotor and cap.
I have a 5.7 in this truck and I have 12+ volts at the injectors on the throttle body yet no signal with a noid light connected when cranking the engine, I suspect there is a computer issue with relation to ground (short to ground) (Note, The oil pressure sending unit was shorted out causing the fuel pump to run with or without key and burned out fuel pump.)
How do I check the reference voltage for ground and power to the injectors? I appreciate your advice.
when brake lite on dash comes on transmission will not shift if and when lite on dash goes off transmission shifts fine.brake booster seems to be leaking.
Been told it was probably the freeze plug, if so how hard to replace?
When I am going down the road any hill that I come to the truck kicks down and rpms will hit as high as 4000. I have changed the transmission filter and fluid. Didn't help. I'm really frustrated!!

my son removed the slave cylinder in order to replace the starter then when he put it back on the clutch pedal goes straight to the floor
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