1990 GMC 1500 Pickup Questions

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Engin knocks for about a minute when I first started it after sitting and cooling down. After about minute, the knock go away and engineering runs stool. What is the cause of this, and will a oil treatment help this problem?
Replaced leaking pressure hose but still think I am getting air in system. Why ?
Truck only will start by turning key and letting clutch out simultaneously
What could be the issue?
350motor,700R4 auto trans,4whldrv, used to be a farm truck.wires torn out all over,replaced fuses but still nothing. Is there more disable links or an inertia switch idkbout somewhere?
Have a rebuilt need to pull the old and install the new
all other lights work on 88 Silverado.bulb,socket ,and fuse good.
I have a 1988 gmc 1500 Silverado.why aren't my tag lights working?i believe the fuse is the same as the park light fuse.the fuse and the light socket and bulb are good.neither light works.
My 1990 GMC has given me so many problems for the last year. So many parts have been replaced! Now it cranks, has spark and almost start and if this makes sense it will start for 1/2 a second. Have replaced the starter 3 times in the last 2 weeks......what would make the starter go bad that often? Please help! Thanks!
Replacing the whole rear on my truck, and I need to know what rear differential to get. Unfortunately, my glove box was broken and taken out a few years ago, so it's just an open space to look at wires. Also the drive shaft is locked up, so I can't just spin the tires, and watch the shaft to figure it out. Any suggestions?
The trucks not getting fuel.
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