Q: give me a long answer... on 1992 Cadillac Seville STS

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any idea of why it would just die out but it will start right back up.And you wouldnt know how much it would be worth..
(4) Answers
The intermittent stalling on your 1992 Seville STS could very well be caused buy a low idle condition due to a dirty throttle body or and internal distributor fault. There may be fault codes stored in the power train control module. Knowing any stored fault codes can help diagnose your intermittent stalling condition. It may take a technician very knowledgeable about the control systems on your car to correctly diagnose your problem. As far as the value goes, Kelly Blue Book is the industry standard and their information is available on line.
check your ckp (crankshaft position sensor) and cmp make sure theyre both working or it will start then die, if you keep your foot on the gas and it keeps going then its not one of those but its worth a try
If it starts right back up it could be a lot of things. Does the check engine light come on? If so, take it to Autozone and have them find out what code comes up.

If no check engine light, it might be your fuel pump is going or something else with the fuel.