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Q: Getting really crappy MPG - 16.4 ... Why? on 1996 Dodge Caravan

I have changed oil, oil filter, tires, brakes, and checked tranny. No squeaks from wheels, not really feeling held back at all. Might it be that the console computer isn't correct, or what should I try next? Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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AWD? City driving with passengers and A/C on for sure, aint going to do much better. Now, on the open road, without passengers, 'maybe' 20 or 22 mpg!
All you have to do is check the mpg specs. no need to be so disappointed with 16.4! I wish there were a magic wand also. Take the money you WILL spend on trying to improve mpg and buy GAS! Unless there is a obvious reason for reduced fuel mileage. Running poorly, black smoke from exhaust, smell gas, rats nest in air cleaner? Recheck mileage again using old fashon math.
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When was the last tune up? Any check engine lights on? What's the air cleaner look like. You have no fuel filter so it's time to see the live data on my scanner.
It has the 3.8L 6-cyl, actually. Nice van, really, just expensive. Would understand if it was a V-8, but it isn't... Lol
I have had very good results with Marvel Mystery Oil, using 6 fl oz with every tankful of 15-16 gallons of fuel. It improved fuel efficiency by about 20 to 22%. I attribute it to the ability of Marvel to reduce friction in the upper cylinder for 3 of the 4 combustion cycles of the engine. The nice thing is, while giving better gas mileage, it also keeps all the moving parts downstream, including valves, lifters etc. clean. This improves the performance and also the life span of the engine. This product has been on the market since early 1920's, and nothing has changed except the packing: a clear plastic bottle instead of a can. You can find it in Walmart's auto products area. DISCLOSURE: I have no connection to Marvel Mystery Oil or Walmart. Post your experience here if you try it. I have 4 Dodge minivans, and I have used it in them for the last 6 years, and saved a ton of money! Ask an old farmer, and chances are that he/she will swear by it!
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