1994 Geo Tracker Questions

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I am replacing the clutch on my 1994 chevy tracker. Just need a little help with how to remove the throw out bearing?

when locked in 4 wheel drive will not engage. Why not?

changing ignition s/w need to remove wheel and turn signal and airbag

I didnt know till after it was done that, my bf added orange antifreeze to my radiator that has green antifreeze in it!?! What should i do??

Still building pressure on brake pedal, why?

1994 chevy tracker having brake issue still, (brakes keep building up pressure). I want to do a push rod adjustment, anyone know how to do this on a 1994 Tracker? Any help is greatly appreciated.

to change the Front crankshaft oil seal. We are wondering does the timing belt and the cover need to come off?

Has new tension pully new plugs and wires new head new starter an new motor gaskets

to the point that I have no pedal. Its not the emergency brakes, cause I checked, its definately the front brakes. what could be causing this?

My speedometer works, but the gas, rpm, and the hot/cold does not? wat could this be?

before that, it would slow down even when i was pushing the gas all the way. i would let off then it would speed up a little, but slow down again. went to go up a hill and it completely shut off. tried to stat it back and nothing happened no clicking and no trying to start. my interior lights did come on though.

I know if it is not broke don't fix it. But, I bought the 94 tracker, it ran well, but a little rough. so, i put new cap, rotor, wires,and coil in it and now it sputters, idles rough for a few seconds and will not stay running. I have gone back through it putting all the old parts back in it one at a time and taking them back out with no improvement. I now wish I had left well enough alone... are there any tricks i should try? how do i check codes if it is not running?

Will go into gear when engine is off but not while running is it my clutch or trans?

I have power and everything, what could be the problem?