1993 Geo Tracker Questions

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i have a 93 tracker and the part under the door (the sills?) how do i fix that?
I'm, told an car uphotstery place might do it. We live in CT., outside New Haven.
90 degree bend in it?

also had starter check and was told it is good.
I live in Kings Mountain NC. I am trying to estimate the cost to repair a water pump in a 1993 Geo Tracker that is 4 cyclinder
Does leaving gas cap loose for little while have any effect on engine running? will service engine light come on and have i done harm by doing this>
just unlocked cap & drove to station for gas
zip code-43946
I changed the fuel pump & fuel injector and still the same problem, starts only if I apply something in the inlet
This car purchased at city abandoned car auction, sat for 10 years, no battery until I put new one in. I fixed and runs good but no radio. LOC appeared. Buttons 2&3 got a four digit # 6914. Tried AM/FM and nothing. Tried again on 2&3 and INOP. Cleared with one hour. Again ^(!$ and thinking previous owner entered but did notgetSEC googled clock set and tried to reenter 69 and 14. No dice. I may have incorrectly tried the buttons for hr and min. I'm stumped for a correction. Local Gm dealer wants to charge to unlock, no info from them. HELP
I change the oil every 2-3 thousand and the air filter regularly. Thanks.
When replacing the head on the 1.6-8 valve engine --can I use the original bolts or do they have to be replaced?
Hi, I have a1993' geo tracker I need to remove the oil pan gasket , and put in a new one..
How many hours does it take to replace the clutch assembly?
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