1990 Geo Tracker Questions

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At times engine will stop running. after cranking for a couple of minute it will start and run okay for a time at time it idles at 2000rpm
Already changed fuel pump and timing belt.
I looked under car for loose suspension parts but see nothing wrong. This just started happening at slow speeds. What is causing the problem? Thanks
I've checked the battery and the ground and the fuses still nothing. Any ideas
When I shift it stays in reverse. N.d.d2 and L. Why would it do that?
It all started one day after I got home from work and cut it off! The next day it wouldn't crank! I changed spark plugs and gas fuse under da Shower!
It's not throwing any codes other than the 12 code I pushed out left it sitting for a few days came back it started I drove it into the shop and it died but now it won't even try to start it like there's no spark timing belts good there is Spark I do not know what to think I change the distributor the wires the plugs the coil the fuel pump the fuel filter and it still will not run it acts like it's over fueling for sure like it's flooding at one time before I change the fuel pump it worked I got it to run perfect had the timing set and it was just runing beautifully the acked like it ran out of fuel so I change the fuel pump and it won't run but yet it did start after sitting outside for a few days
had short in drivers tail light now tracker won't run, changed bulb light works but it won't start. changed distributor cap, rotor, and wires go To start and it sounds like it wants To but won't, like it's missing something, checked fuses and all good where are tbe relays for fuel pump and how do I test them
It does it when it is cold.
How to know if it is really engaged and if not how to fix.
Replaced head gasket, flushed oil and water system. Checked daily everything ok. 5 days later oil level rose with water again .
my check enger light is on. how do I fix it.????
My Check Enger Light Just Came On. Y is that
sounds like valves are too noisy rungs good
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