1996 Geo Prizm Questions

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I have a small puncture is the exact middle pretty much of my gas tank. I have tried several different varieties of repair kits and products and none have worked so far. Please be very detailed and specific with instructions on how to successfully patch my gas tank. Thanks

ya que en mi pais no las necesito.y haci ahorro gas y la vida util de la bujia

while the car is in reverse the engine vibrates hard and a lot: when the car is in park the engine vibrates alittle then stops,while im driving an I stop the engine idles high not the normal way it does.

The light is out that show what gear you are in on my 1996 geo prizm. Or could it be a fuse? If it is a light how do I change it?

Fuel gauge is going from full to empty and back and forth and in between. It has a full tank. Could it be a sensor or what?

Have put new Plugs, Wires, Distributor, Rotor , Fuel pump, Fuel filter , Throttle Position Sensor, Crank Sensor - none which fixed it. When it cuts out and back on, it feels like you have been rear ended. The check engine light nor any lights come on.

Have put new Plugs, Wires, Distributor Cap, Rotor , Fuel pump, Fuel filter , Throttle Position Sensor, Crank Sensor - none which fixed it. When it cuts out and back on, it feels like you have been rear ended.

located, so I can replace it?
Thank you.

Is this only a egr problem. It will start again after 20minutes. Please help. Thanks

Cold weather driving, had just gotten off the highway (70 mph) and felt a little "drag" at highway speeds intermittently. Got off highway into a town,stopped at a stoplight, and when resuming travel (about10-15 mph) wheels suddenly locked. After dealing with authorities for being rear-ended, continued to home (about 30 miles @ 40 mph) and healing a metal scraping noise the whole way. Changing over to standard, but curious as to why this happened..?

Replaced coil pack

I would also like to know average repair cost as well.

Could the problem be the rod/piston. We want to sell the car but so far potential buyers are afraid to buy it because of the noise. The inside and outside is in very good condition. There is automatic transmission and steering, am/fm radio that works, airconditioning needs frion. Battery is one yr, old. Drives around area, 88000 miles. red four door sedan.

this started as a crank/no start .had bad dist/cap high ohms & a bad coil cracked . replaced them now this. Repl. T/belt, crank sensor, spark plugs ,fuel filter ,& pump. Have tested TPS no gliches . No codes will set.I see you already have 2 similar questions and no answers

The brake lights are staying on even when the car is turned off. I have tried replacing the fuse but they still stay on. This has only been happening for one day. I have removed the fuse when not in use to conserve the battery power.