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Inside the car my temperature gage seems to go from cool to middle of hot and stay in middle of gage. I see no water in thing in front. How can I reset codes. To figure out what's wrong.
Just wondering as I'm trying to get this car inspected and was told the universal boot is bad and needs replaced to pass inspection.
I bought a battery 2 yrs ago and paid $110 for it. Two yrs later, and my car has been dead several times and needing jumped for the last six months. The garage who sold me the battery took it in, checked everything and said nothing is wrong except I don't drive it enough (spare car). With my other batteries, this was never a problem. So now he's telling me it's the starter. I just want to make sure he's not going to replace the starter and it'll let me sit again because of a bad battery.

Note: the battery has a 75-month warranty, but I'm not sure on how many amps. Would he have to replace it if it was bad? That is what makes me leery of this whole problem. I guess next I'll have the battery tested to make sure it is not bad (probably should have done that first before I called the garage).
Ok well first it started out it wouldn't start every so often u could here nothing but the fan running when u cranked it! Than it was once a day it did it&lucky if it didn't! Now it dies out at stops! While also barely pushing the gas pedal it slowly gains a bit of go while puttering slow to high to get going again that's even if it starts it usually does,but I have replaced the distributor coil&throttle positing sensor! These problems still occur just the cranking got a little bit better only still doesn't crank here&there! Also one night I noticed while I'm idoling at a stop the inside lights like the gas gage,speed jigger,flickers,but don't go totaly out just dim's in&out! Oh but not the outside headlights or break lights! Oh this sux&its stating to look like a pice of scrap metal a big money pit! I live off SSI&can't really afford to get another vehicle! Oh I for got to mention while its trying to gain speed it makes a noise! Also it has a hard time getting up little hills so ya better have speed while doing so or not make it! Oh did I mention it's well the puttering is like its idling funny almost like its not getting gas,but if u slam the gas it will die,just barely tap the pedal till I gets to going again! Really stressful when ur halfway across town trying to get home,oh if u have an important appointment for get it! Please help me I'm freaking out!
fuses are good, but not receiving power from fuse outlets. Could the circuit breaker need checked? I've taken the glove compartment apart, found some more fuses, but nothing that looks like a circuit breaker.
The dealership wants $700 to fix this. Right now I have to enter the car from the passenger side and crawl over to the driver's side. I have read that the door panel has to be removed and the door needs to be open to do this.
1.8 engine no sound of fuel pump working where is shader value located
What is the problem? ive replaced the tranny seals where the axles come out of it and the axles.
my air conditioner wont work. i bought a fan blower motor. where is it located on my car?
my air conditioner wont work. i bought a fan blower motor. where is it located on my car?
struts removel,and installation alredy rented spring compresser thxs for any insight going in total green can figure it out but would love to shave cpl hrs of from my stupidity
dose ne one know where to find a online owner manual
I put a new alternator on in October and a new battery in November, have not had any problems till this week . The battery keeps going completely dead, I put another battery in just to see if it was the new battery ,it still did it. I unhooked the alternator and the battery didn't lose its charge, I hooked back up but unpluged the pig tail in the side of the alternator, it didn't lose it charge as soon as I plugged the pigtail back in it started draining battery again. I am not sure what all is powered by the pig tail plug in, but the car runs and all the electrical lights, fans are still working. Any ideas would be appreciated.
I exit the freeway today and the check in engine light came on, then my 92 geo prizm shut off. It acts like it wants to start but it wont. What can it be
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