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1991 Geo Prizm stopped running while driving. No start after that. Getting fuel past the fuel filter. Rotor and cap less than a year old. Removed cap and rotor turns when trying to start so I am guessing it's not a timing belt issue. Car has 61000 miles. Wanted to know if anyone can tell me if I have to replace the whole distributor or is the ignition coil replaceable.
Uped to 30 amp fuse works a while then blows. Same problem again. Mechanic thinks might be in the compressor. Do I need to replace it?
so i was driving about 2 weeks ago and my car just stopped running. all the lights and radio were till on and the engine just shut off. we pulled over to the side of the road and after 2 minutes it started after about 4 or 5 cranks. then it was fine for 2 weeks then i was driving down the road and it started to stall and slow down and then i would press down on the gas and it would for a moment return to power and i pulled over and it completely stalled out and when i tried to start it would start like normal but would not completley start.
Im unable to figure out what wires are what and go where on the new stereo there is no wiring harness and im unable to figure the wires out
I can't start car with key turned on,dash board lights up but car does not turn over no starting sound at all....
car only has 50000 miles, good condition
problem has never occured
When you turn on the heater if blows out cold air and never gets warm
For the last week my car has stalled and sputter while in motion on the highway, and then the check engine light comes on. It does it a time or two then it drives normal. It scares me and I'm afaid i will get hit by a truck or something because it almost stops when it stalls. What could be causing this issue.
my car just started overheating when I drive on the free way we replaced the water pump last year how do you find out what is causing it to overheat
nead to replace my heater fan
My Fan Switch Doesn't Work,But My Heater Works Fine. Looking For The Part # For The Heater/AC Control Unit....
my car is kind of loud when it starts but is louder upon acceleration the mechanic said it needs some kind of gasket what is it?the car been like that since i bought it 2yrs ago
where is the fuel pump?
i gave someone a jump, when i park the car but when i tried to start the car the battery cables got hot and the car would not start, it trys to start but it will not i looked at fuses and checked the battery so i am lost
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