1996 Geo Metro Questions

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relay buzzes when it is going out, doesn't effect bright lights, does control battery charging, heater fan
Red light on dash is on blinking
These things all happened at around the same time. Im wondering if they are related? How do i fix? Also the air bag light flashes 5 or 6 times when i turn the key. Im frustrated with all these little issues and am hoping someone can help.
Idle surges up and down when headlights and/or heater is on.
Was running rough, distributor lobes were in bad shape, replace it with a used spare distributor in good shape
After this, eng. start every time but stall immediately
when u start car or drive u can hear an engine knock,is that a rod bearing going out or is it worth fixing?
The headlights stopped working however the fog lights still work as well as the passing lights. The high beams dont work and the low beams do not work.
The steering wheel vibrates when the vehicle idles.
The wheel were straight and the steering wheel was not and I came to a stop and a loud pop sound and the car stopped the front left tire was almost broken off. Tow driver said it may be the Front driver side control arm. I car is a bit rusted because it was sitting for two year but moved twice a week.
After starting and key is returned to run position engine for 30 sec,and quits. It seems like there is a circuit in the run position missing.
I've had the starter checked out & it's good, the car turns over but won't start & sometimes it will finally start & run for about 30-60 seconds & then cut off & it won't start back
I replaced the spark plugs, put on a new fuel pump and it still will not hold an idle
Just replaced my engine, but the bypass tube from the water pump cracked and needs to be replaced. Can't seem to find that part listed anywhere. Any ideas where I can find one... new or used?
Had a battery replaced due to some failure to start events. After 2 weeks, now won't start, even with a battery cable jump start. But it WILL start, if you roll start car on a hill. Turn key to on, one click or no click, then dash lights fade out. Doesn't sound like starter brushes are extending at all. Should I look at replacing all battery cable INCLUDING grounds first OR replace Coil wire to cap first?
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