1995 Geo Metro Questions

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Engine runs fine, however when you take off there is no power and the speed creeps slowly then will take off like a rocket. If you have to slow down, it does it all over again.
Prior to this, we had difficulties with it climbing hills.
How long have you had this problem? Weeks
Shifts great between 3rd and 4th
wondering if I need to do anything when I change this part. What do I set it at.
altenator quit used spar battery ,turns over but no fire
I put the car in 1rst gear and the engine will excelerate but not move same with all the rest of the gears . What is the problem ? (manual transmission)
Also after shutting off after fully warm won't restart unless accelerator is floored.
When I HOOK Freeon Guages Up To My Car Should The Car Be Running Or Not
I replaced spark plugs, alternator, battery, terminals, even the 50 watt power relay fuse. And just replaced a totaly burnt at the center engine rotor. But my car keeps on spuddering out and dieing if it doesn't have constant gas. It won't even idle for more than a minute or two before idling down to the point of just dieing.
Include in the estimate hangers and clamps.
does this vehicle require setting valve lash with feeler gauges or are they hydraulic?
my 1995 geo metro has started blowing the fuse at the fI on the fuse block under the hood. can some one tell me what it could be , i have replsced the injecter, fuel pump , i can;t find any thing
my geo is making a grinding noise, even when backing up, i was told that i need new brakes and rotors, but i don't know if my car has front and back brakes. What do i need to buy to replace brakes and rotors
Was driving for an hour. Car just made a popping sound. MIL lights all over dash and car costed to stop. Engine would not turn over. Would a broken timing belt do that? Would a 3 cyl metro engine be damaged by broken belt or is it one of the safe ones?
when you change the fuel pump what should the fuel pressure guage read?
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