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how do you repair window assembly?
has a good battery but when i turn ignition it has no power to anything
No codes showing up. I can feel the clutch engaging. It shakes like a person first learning to drive a clutch. Giving it more gas just makes it shake more.
it dumps oil of course. put in a new seal, saw no reason or scratches or roughness. after 500 more miles it did it again. rebulder says he has never come across this problem. Any ideas why a carefully installed camshaft seal keeps coming out ? solicited ideas so far, 2000 grit emory the cam end, and then use silicone on the outside of the seal.
si lleva el relay externo el alternador lo podre reparar yo???
Hello, So, I have a 1994 Geo metro XFI with 47,000 original miles. It's beautiful. It is a 1.0L 3 cylinder engine.

It does have a bit of a rough idle when coming to a stop. It has a manual transmission. Say I'm coming up to a red light and have to stop a little faster than usual (or sometimes stopping normally) I downshift 4 to 3 to 2 and then into neutral.. when I get to second gear and put it into neutral, the car sputters a bit like it wants to stall, but it doesn't.. it recovers.

New on the car: new spark plugs, distributor cap, wires, air filter, oil change and filter, and hoses.. there doesn't appear to be a vacuum leak anywhere. I'm really at a loss here! Many thanks!
I cant find the crank angle sensor my cars diagnosis told me code 42 which was crank angle sensor. It is not on the bottom of oil pan as chilton says
How Do I remove the back seat of my 1994 Geo Metro? Thanks, guys!
What tools do I need to repair the brakes
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