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Every time I stop and shut off the car it won't start back up again unless I hold the gas down to the floor. I've replaced the fuel injector, distributor cap and rotor, fuel pump, spark plugs and wires. I've taken it in to multiple places to get it looked at and nobody can help me figure it out.
One of the back lights not turning on
Advance says 2 required, but I only see 1 in book
Was told my shifting issue could be the solenoid, but don't know how many it takes. Advance Auto says 2 required, but the book only shows 1.
My head gasket blow and I got it fix but ever since it turns off at stops I got it idled high but that just made it race when I stop or I don't have to have my foot on the gas for it to drive so I got it idled back down and I've gotten my spark plugs changed but it still shuts off
Headlights left on all night. Load test on battery shows its fine. No power at all even when attempting to jump start.
if i let off the gas it will restart sometimes . other times i have to stop and wate .
i lost my fuse diagram for my fuse box under the dash. and my headlights, brights, and daylights stopped working suddenly. No torn or broken wires, bulbs were all good last i checked.
The car only has this problem I have changed the clutch and pressure plate myself. I know how to work on most problems but never tackled a transmisson problem. The garage says 1200 to $1400 is it worth the money to have it fixed
it will start and no matter if i put on the gas it wont stay running,
Looking For Diagrams Of These
it turns but wont start iv tried quick start got a new coil
'92 Geo Metro 1.0 L, manual tranny. When the engine is cold, great acceleration, as it starts warming, has a "dead spot" and sluggish acceleration. Once it is up to operating temp, most of the sluggish acceleration goes away, but not always. Have changed fuel filter, new plugs, plug wires, distributor rotor and cap, ran some Seafoam carb/injector cleaner through it, changed the MAP sensor, put on a new O2 sensor. Still doing the same thing. What else can I look at for the problem?
I have one of those scanning machine to read the engine codes. My check engine light came on and car shut off. I borrowed this machine from a friend, but I can't find where to plug it in at. Can anyone tell me where the plug is?
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