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91 geo metro lsi igntition coil replaced, spark plugs and wires replaced but it still wont start it cranks over but wont start it was spitting and sputtering before it wouldnt run period and ive also check the fuel pump and it kicks on also so any ideas
came on when i washed the car,then went back off,jst bought today
Geo storm 91 every time clutch pushed in car shuts off. you can crank it and idle all day log runs great, but push that clutch in off it goes, has dealers stumped. No vac leaks timing spot on.
I have dash lights but they dim until i let go off key. When it was running the inflate light came on and stayed on.
Dash lowes din till you cant see them as soon as i release the key lights come back on but wont do nothing
pop hood watch injector while someone turns keys no fuel comes out of injector, replaced fuel filter, fuel pump,caroded lines, pressure regulator, fuel injector,ran fine for a little while same result, thought it was map sensor swapped out with used one ran ok now the gas is just pours out of injector, and strong odor of un burnt fuel out of exhaust, thinking I should try new map sensor any thought on map causing issue
no gas peddle acts like its running out of gas but idles....push on gas peddle and nothing
especially dies at any stop if accessories like lights, wipers or heater is turned on. has new battery, alternator and a complete tune up. thanks carol
I flipped the switch to high to blow out the heat and defrost the windows and it didnt com on. Checked the fuses, thibking its either a broken switch or a broken fan. Any suggestions on how to narrow this down or fix it?
I replaced hazard flasher, but the turn signals still do not work. Hazard flasher WILL work if I HOLD the button down, but the turn signals will NOT work under any condition. Fuses are good. HEEELLLP!
icant get gas to spray out the throttle body if you pour gas down it it will run till what you poured in is used up ive tried running a jumper wire and still nothing. Ijust cant get the injectors to open it just died going down the road it was just like the key got turned off
the trans seems to have problems getting the shift into 2nd gear to be firm. it acts like it's slipping sometimes and others times it's shifts right in no slipping at all. It's worse when the engine / trans are cold... such as when you start the car for the first time of the day or after it has sat for several hours
The engine is a 3 cyclinder.
Do I have to completely take off the timing belt shroud and it looks like there is only one bolt to the wp housing under the shroud.
where is the oil fill for the manual trans
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