Q: Gee is that a trunk or do you have a jacuzzi back there?. on 1993 Buick Riviera

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After it rains, about every 3-4 days where I live, I have about 2-3 inches of nasty standing water in the middle of my trunk! I have checked the seal around the trunk opening and it is in excellent shape, no tears or cracking. There are also no rust spots or holes in the body around and under the rubber! The water is filling in the middle area where the spare tire goes. Its not wet on the insides of the trunk on either side, the water us getting in how?
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take a sharp punch knock a hole in lowes part of trunk make shur there nothing under where u going to put hole sound seal around trunk or rewindow leaking water
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run a water hose around the rear window, have someone looking for leak into trunk area. also look around the wheel wells in the trunk area you may have missing seam filler or hole that is letting water in while driving in wet weather.