Q: Gear Shifter Lights on 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Whether im driving or not, the lights below the shifter to show which gear im in have a mind of their own. They work sometimes but usually they dont work. Sometimes for the first half of the drive theyll be off, but then about half way to my destination, they turn on. sometimes they dont work at all. sometimes they work for the whole ride, it just depends on basically what it feels like doing. Any answers or suggetions of what i could do or try doing?
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This is either from a loose connection, or if it is one bulb, the bulb has a broken filament and needs to be replaced. I would pull off the shifter cover and jiggle the wires, tap on the bulb and see if you can get the lights to flicker and then you can locate the problem.
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The 99 Grand Cherokee does not use a bulb in the shifting mechanism. It uses an "electroluminescent panel" instead.

Here is a link that will help you:
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