Q: gear shift locked in park, eingine running- Engine light has come on this week on 2006 Cadillac SRX

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The car battery has been dead twice this week end. This morning after jumping it the ABS and trac lights were on and the steering and brakes stiff. Tonight it started fine, but the gear shift would not move out of park. The engine light has come on this week and I checked to be certain that it wasn't a loose gas cap, like before.

After serval minutes of playing around I managed to unjam it and have driven home. I have order a new battery since the car has almost 100K miles on it.

Any idea of what the issue(s) could be?
(1) Answer
The gear shift locked in park is either due to the steering wheel being at an angle that keeps the mechanism under tension, or debris in the way of a smooth shift, one is free, one costs. The engine light could be gas cap, O2 sensor, vac sensor, PTC, Air filter, low oil, any of several things. Get it put on a diagnostic computer to find out for sure.