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Q: Gear shift locked in park on 1996 Acura TL

The gear shift in my car is getting locekd in park. I can insert the key in the
hole on the console by the Gear Shift
and step on the brakes and then shift
the car into drive, other than that I can't
move the gear shift when it is in park.
The problem has just started ocurring.
Any ideas on what could be wrong?
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There is a shift lock solenoid that receives a signal when the key is on and the brake pedal is depressed that allows you to move the shift lever to be taken out of park.Two fuses that need to be OK for that circuit to work are fuse 1 and 39. See if the horn works and brake lights work if they both work the fuses are OK and the problem will be in the center console area.
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Sorry Brian's dad you are right I meant check that the brake lights are working not reverse lights. You should with the ignition key to the "run position" hear a slight click inside the center console beneath the radio if the brake lights work and the shift lock inhibitor is sending a signal to the shift lock solenoid. I have seen the brake light switch fail intermittently causing difficulty getting out of Park. The brake light switch is the most common failure that causes this problem ,but if coffee or soda gets spilled in the center console I have seen the shift lock solenoid fail.
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Do you mean the instruments are not illuminating or the instrument cluster warning lights don't come on when the ignition key is turned to the on or run position. I have a 96 5 cylinder TL love the car. The ignition switch electrical portion fail on a lot of Hondas and Acuras of this era.
Is it possible to have the same problem if one of your break lights is out? A couple of weeks ago one of my brake lights burnt out of my 2002 Honda Accord SE and twice yesterday my car remained stuck in park for a bit.
Help! i have the same problem on my 2003 Honda Accord ..but my brake lights come on and i have changed the brake switch and its still the same problem :( my horn also works so i dont know if its a fuse problem. been puzzled for about a week now.. im only able to use the car with the override.
Help! i have the same problem on my 2003 Honda Accord ..but my brake lights come on and i have changed the brake switch and its still the same problem :( my horn also works so i dont know if its a fuse problem. been puzzled for about a week now.. im only able to use the car with the override.
i am currently having this same problem only i have a 98 aurora, and it gets stuck in park usually when its cold outside and i havent had time to start my car. like it does fine in the mornings because its had time to warm up and goes into drive fine, but after school is the problem. it gets stuck in park and i have to mess with it , and by messing with it i mean jiggling it around before the lever finally gives in and moves. im gonna get it looked at friday, but its been doing this for awhile. any suggestions on what i should do?

I'm having the same problem. How can you tell if the reverse lights work when you cannot move the gear shift? Is there any other troubleshooting method. I have a feeling my problem has to do with that brake sensor. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
None of my instruments/needles illuminate. It used to happen when it was cold, then they would eventually warm up, but now they just don't come on at all. I have seen the brake light on once or twice when I DID get a glance at the dash. I believe that my problem with the gear shift is related to the braking system.
should be a release hole near the shift concsole remove small cover insert screw driver,should work fine after this,had heard of this problem on jags. then it happened to my 96 camry and this is how I fixed it
This may not be your problem, I had the same problem with my 05 acura tl, it was actually a crack developing on the top cover of the gear shift console. Hard to explain, but it wasnt apparent until it got really bad and then I could bend the plastic cover back in to get it to go to another gear without catching. Taking the car in next week. I was originally told it was soda spilt in there. So take a very close look and see.
What was your overcome? I know my son waste drink on console and now I can't get the gear to move. What did you have to do to fix it?
my 1996 diesl prado landcruiser used to do this and only could be released by release button on side of gearstick however , i found my brakelights weren't working i checked the fusebox and found a blown fuse i replaced the fuse with a new one jamming problem solved . I removed the fuse jamming again ( i did this x3 times ) , replaced the fuse no worries problem solved. absolutely the fuse is your problem.
all it is. is the brake sensor ....its a little sensor with the button on it to recongize that the brakes are applied...good way to check is to press brakes while in park to see if they come on or dont...if not thats the problem
i had the same problem all i had to do was change the brake light switch the brake light wasn't working
I had the same problem. It is the brake switch. Get it replaced because your brake lights will not work either.
I had the same problem, on my 1998 Acura TL 2.5 . Wasn't sure when it started but I noticed it after taking it to the shop for something else. I then realized that with acura ,everything you do to that car blows the same two fuses. so be careful
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