Q: gauges shut down all the idiot lights come on on 1999 Volvo S80

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ill be driving down the road and the check engine,brake, parking brake, traction control,all the lights on the dash come on then the gauges stop working. my other problem is the car will stall wont start back up unless i take off the positive wire to reset the computer please help
(2) Answers
I've been having the same problem for the last couple of months.....took it to a shop and they couldn't figure it out. Did you get this fixed yet?
You may have a couple issues going on here, it's hard to know without performing a system diagnosis.
I bet you have a bad abs control module, this will cause the ABS, Check Engine and Traction Control lights to come on and cause the speedometer stop working too. The no-start and gauge issue may or may not be related.
You should take this to a Volvo shop only, this is a very sophisticated electrical system on this vehicle and it takes a technician with expert knowledge to properly diagnose this.
Look for one in your are here: