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Q: Gauges??? on 1998 GMC Jimmy

I am having problem with some of my gauges the gas gauge wont work the battery light will stay on when truck is running and the temperature gauge doesn't work? What would be the problem and how could i fix that?
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Well these could be related but I really doubt it. First check the fuses in the fuseblock, particularly the "Gauges" fuse. As far as the battery light, take a test light or voltmeter and see if you have 12 volts on the red wire on the back of the alternator. If you do then have someone test the alternator output to see if it has failed. The fuel gage will need to be tested to determine if the dash unit or the sending unit is functioning correctly and also the temp gage. What does the fuel and temp gages do when the ignition switch is turned on? Do they move at all or stay in the same place or are they way past "full and hot" or do they "empty and cold"?
I do not have a solution for you, but I am having the same problem so I believe that they are all related. I have a 2000. The other night I had 1/4 tank of gas left and suddenly the battery light came on and my gas gauge was at (below) E and the low fuel light was on. I just noticed today that my temperature gauge is flat-lined too. All other gauges seem to be working just fine and the battery's charge is fine as well. Did you ever find a solution to this? My car seems to be running same as it always does.
okay i had some of the same problems the only thing that my pump and a bunch of other thingns were wrong with my jimmy i have the 97 gmc jimmy 2wd 4.3l sle now when that happend to me i realized i had a bad fuel pump and was replaced along with the vent valve in the tank. i figured this out cuz it left me stranded like 2 times the wors was in the freeway during traffic hour. this fixed the leaving me stranded part but when we changed the pump the car was not igniting it wasn{t turning over annd the spark plugs were wet with gas so we let the spark plugs air out and just left it alone for the night to try to get the fuel down. then the next day we realized that the reason the car was not startin was cuz the distributor did not work so i changed it and sure enough it turned on. also make sure u have a good baterry cuz mine was bad and that also caused problems. i have ran it since then and that fixed the gauge of the pump.

now for the temperature gauge the sensor was really bad so i changed it and the temp gauge whent a little up so i thought it was the pig tail and so i changed that and it went a little higher. so my guess is that 1 the sensor is faulty or worst the freaken gage in the dash is not working so that means i have to replace that.

now the engine is running fine and no over heating nor does it seem to be cold its just the gauge is not in its proper temperature mark so im going to check the actual temp of the coolant with a thermometer at the radiator to see if it is cold or its the gauge. hopefully this helps some how to u all. p.s im not a mechanic im just a woman with kids and one car and on a budget so please if im wrong somehow save the comments please just check with a mechanic. if i fix my gauge problem ill post my findings
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